Just Breathe

There are days in life when God opens and shuts doors so fast that it simply takes your breath.

I feel like the past month has been a string of days EXACTLY like that...Every. Day.

As soon as I can find five minutes I have ALL the words to say about this marathon I have been running this past several weeks.

...for now...

I need to remind myself to breathe.

You might not know this about me, but sometimes I forget to breathe. 😳 I literally catch myself holding my breath. 🤔 My counselor is having to teach me breathing exercises. 🙄

Oh how I wish I were making this stuff up. 😂

So in this season I find myself in where God is walking me deeper into a submissive heart while the control freak in me is trying to find the PANIC button to hit....*Deep Breath*...let me share this...

Being in control is overrated.



I am laughing because I swear I am about to hyperventilate. There is a war waging in me over what I know to be true versus how I have always coped...and it is I N T E N S E! 

Don't give up...wherever you are in your journey. I am preaching to myself here. 

*Just Breathe*