The Story of You {Happy Birthday Sis!}

Sis, Haiti in October 2014 {Photo by Jen Primm}

Forty years ago today you were hardly seems possible as sometimes I still feel like that four year old girl who sneaked down the hall of that tiny hospital, peered around the door, and saw you for the first time. I was determined to see you...and when I did, I was in love.

Me...the day Sis was born, 1975

There was nothing about you or taking care of you that I did not love...from holding you, carrying you, feeding you, playing with you, changing your diapers, rocking you, and singing to you (not sure you enjoyed that last part as much). You can't imagine the joy for a four year old in having a real-live, beautiful baby doll....who in 1975 did a lot more than the baby doll I had at the time. You, my sweet Sis, have always been the real deal and a one of a kind.

Me and Sis, circa 1976

My four year old self could never have imagined the challenges that would come for that beautiful baby girl or the four year old girl trying to mother her (from day one). The challenges that we faced separately...and the ones we have faced arm-in-arm. Someday I will surely write a book as it would take at least one, maybe a series, to explain it all....and all of the characters along the way.

Out of all that happened TO us or we did on our own, in the past 40 years my biggest regrets are centered on when you and I couldn't get "us" right. I mean how do I explain that few months we didn't speak because we hurt each other and couldn't forgive, but how when we finally did, we made a pact to never let that happen to us again? How in the nearly dozen years since, we haven't, and how there is nothing I am more proud of than the relationship I work on every day with you. I mean can anyone ever understand how you and David have worked to keep me involved in your children's lives like a glorified Nana (aka Peter Pan), and how I have tried to honor your work to do so...and the faith you have placed in me to teach (good and bad stuff) to your children.

Me and Sis, Haiti in March 2014

As I sit here, the memories are flooding back...your stories and mine intertwined for 40 years, and I am grateful. Grateful to a God that entrusted me with you. Grateful to a God that watched over us and our lives all these years.

Forty years ago today a beautiful baby girl was born...she had lots of curly brown hair and big eyes that have become more green over the years (by a pure act of will....but I digress...;)). She was perfect in every single way. She was little and sassy....and from day one knew how to get what she wanted....she loved animals and baby dolls....she came out of the womb ready to mother the world. She grew up to become an amazing wife and mother full of love and fierce protectiveness of her little family....and she was all in. From the day she said I do to her true love, she has loved him and what they were building with everything she has....she does wife and mother better than anyone or anything I have ever witnessed before...and they love her back just as well. From her kids at church to the football boys to the children I got the pure pleasure of introducing her to in Haiti...she loves BIG and well...and she loves all.

Sis in Haiti, March 2014 {Photo by Julia Sinsky}

Today I celebrate this baby girl and the beautiful woman she IS and I remain grateful to be a part of her life in the small and large ways....Every. Day.

I love you Sis! You are the joy of my and always!

Welcome to the 40 Club! Sorry about that "surprise" coupled with the impromptu dance by me and David...;) :))))

Sis and her CRAZY, beautiful family, Beach, Summer 2015

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :) 

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