Haiti ~ The Next Adventure For My Heart

I am getting faster...I was packed for Haiti in an hour this time. Of course, I have a ridiculous number of bags as I am bringing a lot of stuff to leave down there...so actually even more impressive. ;)

I have four people flying out of Little Rock tomorrow with me so they will soon arrive at the loft to crash for a few hours before we leave here at 3:30 a.m. for the airport. Yikes!!!

So...as I sit here alone looking around at the after-effects of packing (think tornado), I am left to dream about Haiti.

Just a few more hours, three flights, and I will be there.

On holy ground. Sacred ground.

As I sit here, I am left thinking of my dear mentor and friend who lost his wife unexpectedly this week. I am reading all of the text messages, private messages, and e-mails that are coming in from excited parents who are sending their children on this trip; friends sending me their thoughts and prayers, and it is humbling. It is also a reminder that I never go to Haiti alone; I always am taking a lot of people's hearts with me. I am reminded that there is loss everywhere. I am reminded that life is fleeting and we must seize the day...every precious moment.

Caleb and Tacura
There is so much I cannot wait to see and experience, but nothing more than getting to check on these two boys and see how they are doing and growing up. It has been far too long since I have seen them. I also wonder if they are okay....will they remember me? They always surprise me.

This trip is extra special because I am co-leading it with my dear friend who got me into this Haiti-love affair- mess to being with...:))) It is an honor to co-lead this trip with him (bless him for training me so someday I can lead trips for The Global Orphan Project on my own). We have a group of 18 going for five days and seven of them coming with me personally; only one has been before. Those stats alone are mind-boggling. I am also going to get to stay an additional two days to help/watch some work The Global Orphan Project's Go Exchange Team is working on. #mindblown

I get to see my niece experience her first mission/overseas trip, and that breaks my heart all at once. I get to experience it with some of my dearest friends who are experiencing it for the first time...one along with her 11 year old daughter who has been persistent since March of this year when she saw a Flipagram of me and a little girl named Emily in Haiti, and she "had to go" to Haiti. Bless that sweet, joyful heart.

This...by the way THIS is Emily...

Isn't she just a MESS?!?! I am sad I won't get to see her this trip, but hopefully next time.

My phone is really blowing up now, and I am so grateful to everyone who takes the time to not only send me love, hugs, and prayers....BUT for our entire team. WOWSA! My heart is full!

There are a lot of people in my life that are watching this trip closely...it actually makes me grin to type that because there have been a lot of "special" words and prayers sent to me and prayed over me. It is funny and lovely to have a #tribe doing life with you, speaking truth into your heart and mind, and be such encouragers for I am headed down to Haiti full of anticipation, arms and heart wide open, and simply expecting God to show up in some BIG and small ways. I love watching Jesus work in Haiti. It is like nothing I have ever seen or experienced before or since.

So I am looking for God to SHOW UP, and there is nothing better than when you let God be God. I like to think, that as I am on the cusp of year three of my journey into radical obedience, that it is easier for me to let go and let God do his thing. LOL *Sigh* What Haiti does is teach me how to do that...more and more....because in Haiti, I have NO other choice than to let go. My Sis says that I look different, sound different, am just DIFFERENT in Haiti. I can breathe there. No one has to remind me. What a blessing that is...just to breathe. *Deep Sigh*

So to The Global Orphan Project and IV for trusting me, encouraging me, and giving my heart space to change and grow...THANK YOU! To our TEAM, this is going to be EPIC. To my family and friends and TRIBE that love me and encourage me and pray for me...There are no words, but a lot of tears, for what you mean to me...to my heart. Thank you.

To my friends in Haiti, and especially the children who keep teaching me lessons only they can...and especially to Tacura whose own personal loss and need cracked open my own...you will always have my heart....I love you, and I cannot wait to hug, laugh, cry, play, sing, dance, write, color, draw, and practice Haitian Creole with you.

Safe travels to our entire team. Prayers asked for and sent up for God's will.

June 2013 - Me and Tacura
Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :) 

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