Roots and Wings Quilted With God's Love

The call of the unknown is SO strong in some that they must feed the wanderlust in their soul...Daily.

Today sweet Nora Gunn (one of my adoptees) heads out on a new adventure. I have many different emotions about this next leg of her life's journey. Mostly, I am proud that she was brave enough to try something new despite her own fears (and others). I have never regretted the adventures I took...only the ones I did not.

I feel this cross-tug of fear and adventure pulling at others in my life (especially another college girl in my life). I know how debilitating it can be and so I struggle to share too much "preachy" advice (though I am sure the youngins' in my life would say I don't restrain myself enough ;) ), and I work to pray more for each of them.

My Sis and I were talking about this yesterday and how difficult it is to both give children wings and a foundational heart. She and I spend time second-guessing ourselves I am sure based upon our own troubled childhood. That said, I admire both her and David's ability to do both with their three, and I am partial, but I believe they are doing an excellent job. As an adoring aunt (to both natural and adopted nieces and nephews), I am not sure I am as adept at it. *Sigh*

Sometimes it is hard to remember that we have all lived (or are living) our lives, adventures, and dreams (whatever all of those are)....and that we have to let our children do that too. I see parents try to keep their children in the same town, the same career, the same church, the same adventures as they a way to protect them or keep them...close. That breaks my heart. I don't (personally) believe we were meant to be carbon copies of our parents. Sure, I wish I could spend 24/7 with many members of my family (including several extended), but that is simply not possible and live the life God meant for me. *Deep Breath*

Well....this just became less about two young women and a lot about me. *Pause*

The C7 Group Text is on FIRE this morning...:))))....Sherri just sent this to us..."The House of God is the picture of God's intention for your life and for everything you do. He wants a house where He will dwell, where angels ascend and descend on assignment and the heavens are open over a people who abide in Him meaning they stay connected in their affection and love for Him. God wants so much to invade this world with the reality of what was purchased on Calvary. But He waits for a people who will live the normal Christian life, putting themselves at risk, constantly tapping into the invisible resources of heaven that have been standing idle. That is how we function as the house of God."

So....what is normal???

I have had several conversations with Nora and others about the world's lies (and sometimes our own) on what is normal and what is not. I wanted normal once. I wanted it so badly I could taste it. The journey to acceptance of myself as anything but....not to mention my life, my walk, my core...My. Heart....well it has led to many conversations with my own "kids" and transparency of where Aunt Heather was and where she is now...and what that means. Even more, the lessons that I have learned through the process. Just this weekend in a rather intense conversation with Jon, he said to me, "Aunt Heather it isn't that you were bad." Bless him. *Gentle Tears* I softly replied, "No honey, but my heart was not well. It and my soul were broken, and I neither knew or had the tools to do anything about it. Sometimes life breaks us when we are little and the years only compound the brokenness. Not everyone has perfect childhoods or lives, and even those that look as they do...don't really. Only God can heal the brokenness deep inside of us. Only He can make us whole. That said, we have to let him. The journey of the past several years is in letting God be God in my heart...not just my life. That is the difference."

Bless these kids that think Aunt Heather has words to offer. They will be the death of me. Take. Me. Out. {...and in the middle of Wal-Mart no less...}

So....sweet Nora...and all of the others who are searching for adventure, love, wholeness, their happy, and the many others things that feel they are missing....and sometimes actually missing. Go have your adventures....sieze the the your minds and your hearts....but in the midst of all of that do not forget to whom you belong for God is always there with you. Don't forget your roots and the foundation of family (natural or adopted) that loves you...unconditionally. Feet firmly on the foundation of roots and wings that soar on the wind of the dreams in the air around you. Be. You.

I am a little weepy today. It has been a weekend for my heart.

I love you Nora. My arms are always here to hold you. My ears here to listen. My mouth to give you words of encouragement. Adventure on pretty girl.

Adventure Sunday! God is my heart. Bless Him. :))))

"God's most memorable times with us are when we're speechless before Him." ~ Love Does, Bob Goff

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)

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