When Your "Growth" Goes Viral

It is slightly surreal to read your "growth" in print, but that is just what two friends gave me the opportunity to do when they asked if they could interview me for their blog. When a friend asks you to do something, you rarely get all of the details before saying yes. Clearly, I did not. Their questions took me a great deal of time to answer, and even then...I am not sure I realized afterwards that they would be sharing them to their readership and would want me to share them with mine. Sometimes I am a little naïve. Wowsa!

After the shock and awe of the moment I opened up their e-mail yesterday and saw this link PlanForComfort: An Introduction To Heather Nelson, I sent it to those I trusted most with a message "...THIS just happened..." like what do I do now?!?! :))) Due to the fact that I have the single most awesome tribe EVER...they said, this rocks (in not so many words) and own it.

So humbly...I am.

I am the most blessed girl on the planet. I have experienced the trough as well as the mountain top. I know loss. I also know immeasurable joy. I have survived all of them to live another day. None of this by my own ability, but because of a loving God who has more faith in me than I do myself. He has (and continues) to wait patiently while I sort my mind, body, heart, and soul out after years of putting the good and bad of my days away in little boxes on shelves...stored away, protected, hidden, and unaddressed...by me or anyone. I realize a little more every day as he reveals more of me to me that I have spent a lifetime not truly knowing who I am as I tried to be all things to all people. I was hiding from everybody, including God, but mostly I was hiding from myself.

I don't know that today when I wake up I am more me than ever before as much as I am more honest about the me that I am. If I have slept poorly, wrestling with decisions (of any variety)...I no longer stuff that away...I reach out...to God in prayer, to my tribe...I share...this is what I am wrestling with...help me, pray with or for me, give me a hug. It is a life lived transparently that I am going for, and let me tell you...it is a life that is not for the faint of heart. It is though...Worth. It.

"...A tribe. Connection. Passion. Building space in our lives for those three things…well, they changed my life…and I believe they can change the world..." I am not sure I have ever summed up anything (LOL), but I know that these three things have changed my life for the better...and that whatever God holds for what is left of my life...these three things are the foundation on which he will launch all of it.

I hope you enjoy the piece. Please check out Stephen and Debbie's other blog posts, website, and firm information. They are doing great things at Northington Investment Group and in their community. It is an honor to call them friends and have them in my #tribe. :)

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)