Explosions In My Heart

Me and Sis

Let me tell you a story of love and trust....

My Sis has never been out of the country. She has never really been away from her husband and kids for more than a few days....once I think...they are a sappy, sweet love story....but she is about to go with me to Haiti. Just the two of us (and a whole bunch of high school and college kids) getting wrecked together...and I am blown away by the sacrifice...I know all of the sacrifices emotionally with a trip of this nature...but what of the ones I don't...leaving her family, trusting me and a group that she has no connection with (except through me), and simply clasping my hand....and jumping...with me. With me.

Let me tell you...I have cried more in the past few hours than I have since returning from Haiti this last time...I am...wrecked...by her heart.

One of the beautiful things I love most about getting older...is learning things about those I love....those things that surprise me....touch my heart.

I love my Sis.

In this moment...I know she doesn't realize what a gift her going is to me...she will probably never fully understand...but it is the best gift. Best. The only (ONLY) thing missing from Haiti these past two trips has been someone to experience it with...and the truth is...I am more excited to see it through her eyes and her big, beautiful heart...than anything else.

So...to the one who just broke my heart (in the best ways)....exploding (Ellie Goulding's Explosions) it (in the best ways)....just by saying, "Yes."....Thank you. I love you. I cannot wait to go on this adventure with you. I can't wait to see how God wrecks us both...You ARE...#BestSisEVER
 Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)