Thankful. ❤️☀️


Absolutely thankful.

I am sitting here surrounded by some of my favorite people, pjs on, an amazing Thanksgiving dinner cooking (the aromas are intoxicating), the parade and now football blaring, laughter, prayers for a little girl and her family whom we will be taking dinner to in a few hours (in our pjs) as they spend their Thanksgiving in a hospital with surgeries and worries and prayers, and I am....Thankful.

When I was a little girl I had what I have often joked was a Norman Rockwell life...before I lost it. I spent thirty years trying to get it back. I failed. I have spent the last few years healing from not only the first loss, but the second...#brutal

Somewhere between the text messages from friends and family near and far, the breathing and snoring throughout my home, and a hot cup of coffee this morning....I realized what God had blessed me with was more of the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving variety...and that the key word was...Blessed....and that I was beyond grateful...and I was suddenly humbled.

There are many items on my life goal list that I will never have....but what of the hundreds of blessings I have been given...those that at nine I would not have dared to dream???

...and that is the lesson....

Our lives are not a list. My life is not a list...checked off or unchecked. It is life. Life.

Here is to the misfits and those that fit in the lonely and those surrounded in love and the sick and to those at the healthiest time of their those that are rich and those that are in the darkest of poverty. 

Let us love...more.

Be thankful...more.

Say thank you...more.

Be grateful...more.

Life is the path we make once we realize we are lost.

I am embracing being lost in the grace that fuels my life.

Happy Thanksgiving! ❤️☀️