Magic and Fire ❤️☀️

I absolutely love this quote. Love.

I am not sure if it means "mad" crazy or "mad" just not going to take it anymore, but I am good with either. ;)

Women so often get deemed with this as a "slight" because we are "angry women" and such nonsense. My belief is we should embrace it...double down as it were. I am "mad" about making a difference, changing the world, being better (not bitter), spreading love not hate, finding where we agree instead of belaboring where we don't. 

You can't hate someone into your belief system (politics, church, life), but you can love them there. Build people up and they will listen to what you have to say. Tear them down, and they will run...Run from you...and your words...and your beliefs.

So....this Saturday morning as I rest from a week of "madness" before another week of more "madness"...I am laughing knowingly....clearly a fire has been placed in me that cannot be extinguished, and I know from whom....and my job is not to defend it or rail against is simply to love and learn and grow and Be. 

It took a few hours of rejuvenation and joy from a Sis that loves me and inspires me and pushes me and disagrees with me and IS equally "mad"....and I am grateful and renewed. 

Women. We can either build each other up or tear each other down. Our choice. Our individual choice. I believe we can join with good men and change the world. 

In fact, I am counting on it.


Love it. ❤️