Here I Go Again ~ Kissing the Waves I go again....:)

I am flying to Colorado tomorrow morning for Captivating...Advanced. ❤️

For those that remember my eight day journey for Captivating last October, this year should equal that intensity times ten. Wowsa!

I feel myself on the edge, arms spread wide open, huge grin on my face, misty-eyed, a joyful heart, and ready....Ready. I need this. I need this time with my heart. I need the long covenants of silence. I need to commune with nature. I need the meditation...the adventure...C7....but mostly....I need Jesus to show up in a big way. I need to cover some old ground with him, some new ground, and I need to listen. I need to L.I.S.T.E.N. in a big, BIG way.

My life is a circus, and I am still trying to be the ring leader. I need wisdom on how to give that up. I have made progress; I am not satisfied with it.

I need a reminder of the joy in my every day life, and I need to fill up my joy tank. I need a reminder that every day I am given the opportunity to put in and to take out....of my own and of other's...and I need a reminder of how to do just that. 

I need more joy and less striving in my life.

Joy! :)))

More Joy = Less Striving*

*I suspect.

"You show me the path to life." ~ Psalm 16:11 

Every. Time. ❤️

I am proud of the lessons learned and survived this past year. My heart has been healed. I am probably at my healthiest (physically) in three years. Prayer is a part of my work, as well as my life. I have cultivated a tribe of women who love me, who know me (or I am working to be known by/learning bravery in vulnerability). God has given me answers to some of the biggest, burning questions of my life, and though I  haven't agreed with all of them, I am blessed to be hearing him in a new I learn a new and deeper way to walk with him. I have work in my life that matters (as well as pays the bills)...a blend of my gifts, my heart, and my passion to be a helper. I also have new adventures with women, children, orphans, Haiti, connections, mentoring, scholarships, and writing....that I could not have imagined 22 months ago...or even 12 months ago. I have family and friends and mentors. I am blessed. God has blessed my heart. He has shown me joy. He has healed me. And yet...

I want more. I need more. 

More JOY.

They say the more you give away, the more you get back...and that is so true...yet too...the more you feel joy...oh how much more you want...and you have the urge to get it, feel it, and share it.  Joy is the cat's meow (so to speak).

So....I am off to pray, to learn, to mediate, to journal, to praise, to push myself in an adventure(s), to give hugs, to listen, to love others, and to fill up my joy tank....and to help others fill theirs.

"I have learned to kiss the wave that slams me into the rock of ages." ~ Charles Spurgeon

Yes...Yes I have....❤️☀️