Beauty & Resilience...A Tribe

So I have this tribe is strange, growing, diverse. Some of the women know each other...most do not. They blow my mind. They build me up. They hold me Life.

So....I have this tribe.


I have had the worst "re-entry" pangs since returning from Colorado. I am spinning. Spinning. I want to go back to Colorado. I needed more time in that fishbowl. I am unhappy that I am having to balance all I experienced (read that as learned) with the crashing reality of my life. A very demanding life. I just want to hit pause for a brief moment. I need more of THAT.


I am so grateful that God has sent me these wonderful, warrior women who genuinely care about me. They don't necessarily always understand me or what I am going through, but they are such encouragers to me. They genuinely believe in me. They push me down paths that I don't believe I am ready that as PUSH....they are, at times, forcing my growth. I am uncomfortable more than I am comfortable. There are times that they push me into a new space, and it takes me two days on the other side of it to re-gather my bearings. Is this what having a tribe looks like? I believe it is. I also believe that this crazy tribe developing around me is my holy grail.

This girl is growing up.

So much for thinking I had...a long while ago. *Nervous Laughter*

I had a message from one of my "tribe" this morning...a relatively new member of this growing phenomenon I am experiencing, and she was asking me questions, but the final question struck me (and caused me to finally break my writers block post Colorado). They asked, "Is this okay? This bouncing with you?"

Why Holy H*^* YES!! (First. Thought.)

Wow. (Second. Thought.)

She is helping me more than she believes I am helping her. (Shaking Head...Third. Thought.)

We women are strange creatures. We don't want to "bother" anyone. That worry of ours isolates us from each other. Not physically necessarily, but the deep, dark places. Those places we really need to share and be known. Where our deepest healing lies...because our deepest pain is stored there.

There is so much beauty and resilience in a tribe. In being known. It is like coming home. A home you have never known. The funny thing....I am only at the tip of the iceberg of what this could be...

Men "tribe" naturally...beautifully really. Women need to take a lesson from We need a tribe. We need a diverse, beautiful, pushy, loving, encouraging tribe. The women in my life inspire and amaze me. They give me strength,

Our lives begin and end with connection. The key is...we have to allow ourselves to connect with others....and be connected with....and that is the beautiful story that encircles the moments of my life these days. I am SO blessed. Exhausted, making mistakes (I made a specific one last week....a silly one actually that made me cringe...*Ugh*), scared, flawed....etc....BUT with greater purpose.

To the women who love me and believe in me...even when I give you no reason. Thank complete me. :))))

To those women who need love and someone to believe in them. Welcome to the Tribe. Show love. Believe in others. It gives others courage to show you love; to believe in you. how it works. That is the foundation of a tribe. Love. Belief. Courage. Resilience. Perseverance. Faith. Empowerment. Connection. Love.

The whole world begins and ends with love...with connection...with our hearts. Learning to operate solely from there will, I pray, be the legacy of my life. It is absolutely the CHALLENGE of my life. I am scared....Every. Day. I am also inspired.

I sure hope we all keep asking questions, opening up, and encouraging each other....because true JOY resides in lifting each other up.

Encourage someone today, and you will find your joy...There.

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)