Fear Factor or Tribe Building 101

Well, after two and a half years, a lot of encouragement (read that as pestering), battles with my own insecurities and fear...I have gone public, PUBLIC with my blog on Facebook...click here to go straight to it...Sunshine Dreams to You and I am terrified (read that as terrified). :)

I know it is time...I know this is right...I know it is scary and crazy and dangerous (to my heart...for a lot of reasons)...but it is...Time.

I hope if you are one of my Pollyanna Crazies that reads this blog regularly or just every once and awhile...if you like it, please feel free to share it with people you know.  If you don't...then not sure why you are reading this now...but I appreciate you nonetheless.  Also feel free to share the link to the FB page. I actually only thought a couple of people would "Like" it so I didn't think I would be doing THIS post...but I am in shock and awe...which is encouraging me to be bolder. ;)

I don't know if this whole process...blogging, writing, posting, building a tribe, being brave and "going for it"...will set me free, but I am afraid...and I am tired of being afraid.

I also know that I have to stop trying to live up to a standard of perfection....what a burden that is...

I love me some Jim. Whatever your beliefs...fear is of the devil in my book...and the devil has been terrifying me for WAY too long. I'm done. More importantly...he is done.

It is...Be Brave or Bust! :)))

"I run in the path of your commands, for you have set my heart free." ~ Psalm 119:32
Thank you for believing in me, encouraging me, sharing my writing with others. I guess Kristin was right...maybe I really do already have a tribe...either way, I am ready to take this out for a spin and see what this awesome tribe can do. ;)

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)