The Lessons of My Life ~ Hello Sunshine

Goodbyes Suck.

If I had a nickel for every single lesson I have learned in my life to date...

Yet, alas, I don't. Well...dang.

Goodbyes suck. They really suck for this girl. Yet with every goodbye, there ultimately comes a day when it hurts dramatically less and then for some of them...suddenly it doesn't hurt at all. You feel yourself laugh again. Smile again. Feel...really feel again.

It is the miracle of all miracles for this tender heart of mine when healing comes once again.

Earlier this week, I caught my reflection in my rear view mirror and the girl that looked back surprised me. She looked vaguely familiar. The eyes, the smile...the pure joy. It was like seeing a long, lost friend.  I pulled over, and I took a picture. I wanted to save that look for posterity, and I knew there were at least a few people in my life who had been waiting to see that look again (I was right.). :)

I believe I had to live with this latest pain awhile longer than normal, and I have had some setbacks in healing from the pain(s). There are mistakes, bad judgments, regrets, and then there are....Game Changers.

I love this quote. Love.

I will not fear what lies behind me, but I won't fear what lays before me either.

Life. Adventure. Perseverance. Joy. Love. Faith. Hope.

These are the enduring lessons of my life. Every. Day.  I am blessed to have had the lessons...and the healing...:)

I remain a blessed girl.

It is nice to have 'Sunshine' back. ;)

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)