Learning to Shut the Door

Monday I closed a door.

God blew...BLEW...open another one.

This time I didn't need any help discerning God's voice. Got it.

Sometimes it is really that easy.  I'm still weepy about it; I mean I am human, but I know...clearly, who is in control.

...and it is NOT me...

Sometimes you ask for one thing and it is provided in another form. I trust he knows what form I need...I have faith. I just don't want him to give up on me.

It can get you going.
East to West (Casting Crowns)

Today's anthem.

I'm shutting doors, and it is painful.  There is something more though...but I have to let go of the doorknob before I can walk across the next threshold.

Choices. Faith. Trust. Love.

Learning. Forever learning.

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)