The Business of David & Goliath

I have to say that I have NO idea where all of these biblical references are coming from lately, but what I can say is...they fit...and they are what come to mind and are in my heart.

At 6 a.m. this morning, I was awoken by a call. What transpired over the next 1 1/2 hours was a back and forth that led to me having an epiphany...

In business there are Davids and there are Goliaths.....AND whether you like it or not, at some point there is going to be a match off.

I am taking a deep breath now.

...and no, that wasn't necessarily the "epiphany" part...:)))

I digress.

The Goliaths want to suck the Davids into battle...Every. Day. Wear them down...ultimately destroy them with their money, strength, connections.  What the Davids of the business world need to remember is that if they try and compete with the Goliaths of this world at their own game...To do so, is to be crushed. Period. 

If...if, you were to instead compete from an individualized position of excellence, superior processes, customer service, and a great attitude.  Then...then, you might lose the battle, but with that tiny, perfect will win the war.  And it is war.  And it is personal.

I am not sure that while I had always heard great comparisons of business to the great story of David and Goliath...I had really ever coached anyone on it.  Look at me...growing. :)

My friend Clay has got me completely addicted to Seth Godin, and I know that this whole theory of mine this morning came from the endless hours I have spent reading Godin's books and blogs.  Success really is a simple concept...we just seem to screw up the execution.  Also, when a competitor, or a perceived competitor, comes at is so easy to "go the mattress" instead of simply finding a better way to build a better mousetrap.

Now...that is a lot of analogies wrapped up into one paragraph, but the single point is this...if you do the right thing and put your customers the end, right will always win.  Every. Time.

My mentoree this morning was ready to go to battle...FIGHT!  What he really needed to do was get back to work doing his job which entailed doing all of the right things...taking care of his customers, being kind, working to make his processes more efficient, and breathe.

I started this and was to about right here when my phone rang (and then my day subsequently went horribly out of control and I had to put this to the side), and it was my mentoree.  All was well.  Good had triumphed. The Goliath was in the process of being slayed...without him having to go to war at all (for now).

Hmmm....I had to laugh out loud.  Could it be that easy?  Really? Sometimes....

Actually his great work had won him an ally, and they were going to battle for him.  In some ways, they had become his "pebble".

Doing the right thing is not always easy. Taking hit after hit and remaining strong and standing tall isn't always easy.  What you have to remember is what can I really control, and have faith that "doing the right thing" (aka the pebble) will be time. Promise.


I sure hope that someday I truly can get comfortable with being uncomfortable; I have a lot of OCD to overcome. ;)  I believe this is the truest, most awesome quote, and it fits today's lesson (for me)....perfectly. :)))

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)