Flaming Fireballs Otherwise Known As To Dos :)

Sometimes I find that my days run one into another and before I know it a week has passed me by...

I then begin the trudge through guilt over what I did or did not do....what has suddenly moved from the casual items on my to do list to the inevitable flaming fireballs on my to do list. I scold myself for not doing more, better, MORE. *Sigh*

This year I have re-committed to my Franklin Covey planner which I simply did not do the past two years (too many flaming fireballs :)). It is like coming home. Seriously. Yet, just like riding a bike, when you come back to it, while familiar, there is still a re-learning curve to contend with....as there is with my planner.  As I am at the start of my second full week, I feel a need to check-in with myself on how I am doing.  I give myself a "C"...the mind may be willing, but the body is weak. ;)

THIS was most certainly ME. :)))
As we all struggle to be more productive...more efficient...especially at the beginning of a new year...it is good to take a breath and realize that whatever tools you need to get and remain organized...it is key to make them your own.  I use most of what Franklin Covey recommends...but not all...I do a lot more with my electronic calendar now so I have adapted my planner to more of a giant notebook...but then there is my Moleskine....and my post it notes, and don't forget my precious legal pads. 

See where I am going....

The best organized people I know have created a system all their own out of a multitude of tools.  I can only dream of being as organized as any one of them, but each of them gives me great hope that I can...someday :)

Evernote...My latest obsession :)
If you work with a team, make sure you are sharing ideas and tools so that all of you can glean from each other.  If you manage a team and can provide options to your team, even better. We don't always do a good job of giving our employees options (due to money, time, etc.), but when and where you can...do.  Giving someone power over their time, their day...will not only empower them and make them happy, but it will most definitely make them more productive.

I have to get back to my flaming fireballs, but I feel better already....sometimes writing about what is weighing on me lifts it off my shoulders like a balloon. Love that. :)))

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)