Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Art of Letting Go

Holy Cow!

I am an impatient person.

My name is Heather, and I am impatient.

Envision four letter words here.


I have had a rough few days.  Professionally, I am on an unreal high with unreal lows.  Personally, I am having some severe lows.  Internally, I am having to face some things about myself that I am NONE too happy about facing. *Ugh*

I am impatient.  I want everything yesterday.  I have ZERO idea how long an average task takes to complete.

I am Type A and OCD on a good day....and to the extreme on a not so good day.

I am passionate, and driven, and guilt-ridden over where I am not....where I should be.....what I should be taking care of...who I am potentially letting down.


I am a girl who is in desperate need of letting go, and I...for the life of me...cannot figure out how to accomplish that....

Bigger *Sigh*....

When I spoke to my "Mama" this morning to update her on some family news, she said baby, you need to be here with me....and I cried like a little girl knowing she was right, but that I couldn't be there with her, letting her take care of me (emotionally and otherwise)...because I needed to be here...for others...More. *Sigh*

Being an adult...Sucks.

I am smiling, for a moment, because I realize that one of the amazing things about women is their ability to absorb the enormity of a moment with all of its responsibilities and guilt, while being simply a woman...a mother, a spouse, an employee.  We really are remarkable are men, but right now, this is a post about women...and me. ;) :)

I digress....

I am a woman on the edge of a major meltdown at any given breath...

Funny how the most stressful part of that statement is the fact that I am a woman that is convinced that I am the only one that knows that fact....


Maybe we should share, more often, the stresses of our life.  What makes us tick.  What makes us crazy.  What makes us want to decapitate someone or someones. :)

Just kidding. Kinda. Sorta. ;)

For all of my VERY Christian friends...don't be offended...

Jeff Foxworthy once joked, "This is what men are thinking...I want a beer, and I want to see something naked."  The bigger joke is, that women really want a glass of wine and to see something naked.  The over-arching point is that we ALL want something to take us away from the reality of our life....

....a grandmother in failing health, a new job with new stresses, disappointing others, bills, Christmas, our kids, dating again, parents' failing health, family stress, the Holidays...Period., work (in general), money (in general), family drama (in general)....

Life. Is. Hard...On our best days.


One of my oldest and dearest friends will be in LR this weekend, and I cannot wait to see him.  That said, he has a funeral to attend tomorrow for an old, dear friend....I have work up to my eyeballs...and stresses beyond that....

Life. Is. Hard. 

Play. Well. With. Others.

Each and every one of us has NO idea what the other is facing OR going through in our lives.  It is SO important for each of us to go into every situation with compassion....with humility....with empathy.

I love the photo above...actually, I have loved it for a long time, but I have never figured out a way to include it on a post. Now I have...this is SO true.  It would bode well for ALL of us to remember this in our daily walks.

I love my life. I am blessed girl. I simply have challenging days...just like...Everybody. Else.

Hug someone a little tighter tonight.  Send someone you have been thinking of a handwritten note or e-mail.  Trust have NO idea what it will mean to that person. Follow your heart. :)

Life, all too often, is the art of letting go...

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)