The End Is In Site

The end is in site...

As 2012 comes to an end, and 2013 roars in (at least I hope it roars in), I am left being very reflective....okay, I am usually reflective, but this time of year...even I kick it up a notch. :)

I have never been more grateful for a year to end.  Seriously.

I find it funny too that the weather outside is frightful which causes all of us to look at our calendars and planners and nearly scream as everything has to be re-scheduled due to power outages and travel nightmares.  For all of our good intentions, mother nature reminds us all that she can change the game with the flick of her wrist (so to speak).


It is like we are all forced to focus on the basics...heat, hot water, a refrigerator that doesn't encompass all of our food in a pile of snow in the front yard (yes, some of my friends have resorted to this new-fangled method of keeping their items chilled), and our family's personal safety.

All of this reminds me that in my darkest moments of 2012, I swore to myself that I would find a way to simplify my life.  Simplicity.  How could I find it?  Where did I go wrong in losing it?

Now, I sit here typing in my gloves, covered in blankets, a crisp 52 degrees in my house, and I am laughing at the irony. Laughing.

I look up. Smile. Wink. Chuckle. "Got it God." :)

Ahhh...the lessons.  Will they ever stop??

So, I am working on ways I can continue to simplify my life.  I will enter 2013 lighter (physically, emotionally, stress levels, etc.), and I have to believe it is a good thing.  I also remain thankful for a cute little boy (Sam) that had that off-the-cuff comment so long ago which reminded me that I had become consumed with spinning the plates in my life...instead of living my life. *Sigh*

I don't want to ever have to be reminded of that...again.

My life is full of lessons...all around me...Every. Day.  The best gift...the best lesson(s) I have ever had...are three beautiful children who teach to be better...and what matters most.

So here is to the pause button we are all getting this week.  Let us all take the time to savor the pause even as it throws our lives into chaos.  For, in time, our lives will be back to 110 mph....plates spinning and all...:)))

***Thank you to God, my Sis and her beautiful family...for a beautiful, slow, calm, easy going, puzzle making, game playing, movie watching, great food, white Christmas...I love you. Dearly.***

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)