31 Days of Joy ~ Day One


I had a slightly insane November.  One major LOL. :)  So, I opted to skip the whole "30 days of Gratitude" (which I did last November) as I worked my way through transition after transition one year in the making. *Sigh*  Knowing that December would be one new beginning after new beginning, I thought it would be more fun this year to do a "31 Days of Joy" for December.  I look at it as much about what I learn about joy each new day, as what I am experiencing that brings me joy.  I hope you will enjoy following me on this journey of joy over the next 31 days.

"Joy, it’s always a function of gratitude ~ and gratitude is always a function of perspective. If we are going to change our lives, what we’re going to have to change is the way we see." ~ Ann Voskamp

Last night I was told by one of my dearest friends to let the circumstances of late marinate today (Saturday) and then move forward to all that is waiting for me. Sage advice. (Note:  I expect nothing less from this person. :))  Of course, they also said that I had acquired some jadedness in my personality through this last experience, that it didn't look good on me, and it was time to purge it.  Ouch.  That hurt.  Truth hurts.  Don't you just hate it when someone has your number. *Sigh* :)))
I am tremendously grateful to have so many who still love and believe in me, and in my better self, after putting them (and myself) through so much this past couple of years.  If this were the beginning of gratitude posts, that would be number one. :)
Today is the beginning of so many new things.  The biggest is this...Joy.  I alone control the amount of joy that I allow and make time for in my life.  I alone.  Last night I was keenly reminded of my better self.  Who I was, or am, but definitely who I could be...Who I will be. :)
Last night as I walked up and down a street that soon will become a second home to me, I was reminded of all that is possible with new beginnings.  I have to be honest...my life has not turned out anything as I thought it would at age 5, 9, 16, 18, 25, 35, 40...and that seems to be the latest lesson. Good. Grief. :)
So in the interest of purging the old...at a pivotal moment this past week I was reminded of why I had made the choices I had made nearly nine months ago...I took a deep breath, and I reminded myself of all I had learned (in all areas of my life)...lessons learned (very important), of all that I had accomplished in that single day with attorneys, budgets, non-profits, an amazing friend I love so much, consultants, the random fresh cut bouquet of roses I was given, the making of a new friend, seeing an old friend, a lovely friend thanking me for my coaching (though I quickly thanked them...oh my).  In that deep breath, I was reminded that my life goes on.  I keep moving.  I keep learning.  I keep trying.  Mainly I keep smiling. 
And if winning matters to you, I still win.  My win just looks a lot different than what others expect it to look like...and the truth is, I like mine better.  Hence the lesson.
I was reminded earlier this week that I am richly loved, and that is the final lesson of the purge (and slightly sad that we humans have to constantly be reminded of it) and most certainly the way to kick off a month of celebrating joy.  While the power of any relationship (business, love, friendship, family, etc.) may always be held by the one who shows (appears) that they care the least, the real joy is found in showing just how much you care and who cares if it is more than the other(s).  I have learned some tremendous lessons in being and showing my vulnerability.  Some thought they would break me of it, but the joke is on them.  What I learned, was there is great joy and strength in showing your vulnerability.  I actually learned I need to show it more, not less. (imagine my tongue being stuck out now)...:)))

Sometimes the real joy for me comes in being brave.
Recently I bemoaned the endless lessons of my life.  "Just make it stop!! Enough!"
Not until you stop learning...(I hear voices. :))
Here is to Joy...let the journey of joy, new beginnings, new adventures, new loves, new challenges, new lessons...Begin. :)

"You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore." ~ Psalm 16:11

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)