31 Days of Joy ~ Day 3

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There is great joy in being a woman.  There is tremendous joy to be found in being a woman surrounded by other women working to make ALL women's lives better.

I have learned a great deal from being a part of the Women's Foundation of Arkansas.  I have so much more to learn from this organization, the women who are a part of it, and those that support it.

I found it strange that I spent an all too brief 24 hours with two of the best women I know (Big Sis Treva and Mama Doretha) and then got to spend a long evening with some of my favorite women at the WFA board meeting (and then Christmas dinner).  It was a BIG day of great women for me. 


The lesson is that strong, great, wonderful, glorious women bring me and my life tremendous joy.  My goal over the coming days, weeks, months, and years is to spend more and more time around great women. I want to learn how to be a better woman from those I spend quality time around.

I have seen this poster before, and I simply love it.  I am looking for a large print for my new office.  I find it inspiring, and I need that...Every. Day.

Here is to the joy found in good women...for all of us. :)))

P.S. Special thoughts and prayers today for one of the strongest women I know, my Granny Dee who is 90 years young. She is not 100% right now, and we all hope and pray that she is feeling better very soon.  Her tremendous strength (and pushing of me) has been inspirational in my life...especially as of late.

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :) 

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