You ARE More

I have had an interesting two weeks.  The strangest has to be the past two days where three separate people have said to me, "You are more."  Wow.  Speechless...

Okay...over that (speechless part...). ;)

I digress....

It is quite the amazing experience when you have people in your life that believe in you more than you do.  Personal cheerleaders are awesome...and necessary, but what has been happening to me lately is more than that. It is people looking me dead in the eye and saying you are more...and they are a little frustrated in having to be so blunt with me.  I get it. *Sigh*


Why do we settle for less than we deserve?  What is it about how we are hot-wired that causes so many of us to settle for less...for a moment, a day, a month, a year...years. *Ugh*

If someone in your life is taking the time to say to you, "You ARE more." Listen to them...Listen.

What dream have you hidden in a closet? What words have you not said? What person have you not expressed your deep love too?  Where are you settling in your life...not because you have to but because you choose to?  We make a lot of choices in this life and blame it on we "have to" when really you have a choice.  We always have a choice.

You ARE more.  Remind yourself today and go change your stars...

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)