In Search of New Ears

Circumstances occured today that reminded me that I have one of the worst traits...Ever. *Ugh*

I hear, all too often, what I want to hear...and NOT what is actually being me, or others. *Sigh*

I really must work on this because...well, it is the Worst. Trait. Ever. 

Why is that even though we know what we stink at...we keep going back to that well over and over?  Can I really be the only one?  I know I am not, but in the residual heat of the feels that I am.  *Ugh*

Life is a journey of moments when we have hear, to listen, to learn, to hope.

I have spent a good deal of time in my life hoping...I started to list and share some of them here, but thought better of it and deleted it.  The sins of the past...mine and others...need to remain there...out of the forgiveness I have granted them, and more importantly...the forgiveness they have granted me.  One of my great hopes is that I learn to be a better listener (in general) and to really hear the words of others...even when their truth is painful for me to bear.

I guess you could say that I am in search of new ears. :)


I have new adventures starting in multiple areas of my life, and I hope (so hope) that I listen better as I go throughout each of them. my hope...and my prayer.

What are you hoping to improve in your life? What are you in search of? 

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)