Fall is Here ~ How We Know :)

It has been a weird summer in Arkansas.  It doesn't matter who you talk to...young or old, city or rural, republican or democrat (okay I just added that for laughs :))...everyone is talking about the strange Arkansas summer.  That said, the trees started turning about 45 days ago due to the lack of rain and unbearably hot temps.  Needless to say, most of us thought the traditional fall foliage in Arkansas was toast...literally.  Boy, were we all wrong....how do I know?  I woke up this morning in the hollow....to fall. Yippee!!!

So....the calendar doesn't say it (yet), and I am 800' feet down in a hollow...so how do I know fall is here....I am so glad you asked. :))))

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You know FALL has arrived when...

  1. You wake up on a Saturday morning to beautiful sunlight beaming on slightly turning leaves on the trees.  You must trust me on this...the leaves haven't really started turning, but they are also not the vibrant green of spring...it is like a big tease to us...sort of like ready or not, I am about to change colors on you so don't blink. :)
  2. You walk outside and you feel a crispness in the air.
  3. When you sit outside to drink your coffee...instead of shedding clothing, you grab another layer to put on.
  4. While you are sitting outside, your coffee gets cooler faster.
  5. Everyone you follow on Twitter or FB is talking about college football. :)
  6. You jump in your vehicle and your seats are cold.
  7. You realize that your temp gauge actually goes below 100 degrees.  Wow!
  8. The tip of your nose is cold when you wake up...this causes you to burrow deeper under the covers. :)
  9. You are doing all of the above, savoring the cooler weather, your warm coffee, the cool breeze...and you suddenly sit up straight panicked...because you just realized how much you have to do....Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas...:)
  10. You realize October...is next month, and October is the VERY best month of the year. :)))
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So fall is here...FINALLY...it has been a long, hot, strange summer (at least here in Arkansas), and I, for one, am very ready for fall and all it has in store...:)

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)