Changing Your Stars

Who has seen the movie A Knight's Tale? is a great movie...especially for those of us who enjoy dreaming big.  There is a great line in there about changing your stars...

If you're not familiar with the story,
it's about a poor thatcher's son who sees a parade of knights
riding proudly through the city square and, while being propped up on a stock by his father, confidently says, "Someday ... I'll be a knight." A man locked up in the stocks below him overhears the boy and laughs, "A thatcher's son? A knight? You might as well try to change the stars!" (more laughter) The young William asks his father, "Can it be done, father? Can a man change the stars?" His father calmly replies, "Yes, William. If he believes enough, a man can do anything." Young William becomes a squire to a knight and, through a twist of fate, gets his chance to prove he, himself, is worthy of knighthood. Years later he returns home, finds his father, and affirms he has, indeed, changed his stars.

I might have even written about it before...

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The fact is that I am a big believer that no matter what your childhood, your circumstances, your race, male or female, rich or can be and do whatever it is you want to with your life.  Anything. :)

I have spent the last sixteen months working to help a team change the stars for a company, their customers, its employees, and in many ways..myself.  In the process, I have soared higher than ever before in my career.  I have felt and seen tremendous lows.  I have watched people grow.  I have seen some sink.  I have watched myself grow.  Somewhere in the midst of all of this "change"...(I am smiling...the word alone makes me smile)...I discovered that while I was talking a lot about passion, purpose, empowerment, a voice....I wasn't necessarily always living mine, feeling empowered, or using my voice.  *Sigh*

In the next few months I will be changing my own stars.  These will be things I have been working towards since the first of the year, but as it gets closer and feels more and more surreal for me.  There are many some ways more unknowns than knowns...and I am okay with that.  I know...weird, huh?! :))) 

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This...this is what I am going for...reaching be in love with my life...Every detail of it.  Yes! :)

God has me...and this time I am letting myself free-fall into the safety and security of His arms...I am most definitely without a shadow of a doubt....letting HIM build my wings on the way down.  My most famous phrase, "I got this." is out the window this time...HE has this, and for the first a very long time...I feel fearless and peaceful at the VERY same time. :)))

Change your stars...I beg of you...believe that you can...and then go do it.  I'm going to be documenting my flight...share yours with me.  We can flap our wings together. ;)

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)