The Value of "The Meltdown"

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Well....I finally snapped...

I can only laugh the morning after...I mean I have zero tears left. *Sigh*

So...I am in between two very, very important meetings yesterday...simply driving down the road doing a quick phone call to a dear friend who is in the eye of the hurricane headed to the Gulf Coast, and as we are talking, I start telling them about another voice gets louder and louder as I talk faster and faster...and then...I ran out of time. 

Then snap.

The only good news is that I held myself together through the next meeting before the floodgates slammed open.  As I left the meeting, I got so flustered that I couldn't decide whether to go to my LR house, go grab dinner, drive north, or pull over and just have a good, long cry.  I actually did all of the above in no particular order arriving me at the workshop way past my bedtime.

I admit all of this (no matter the embarrassment) because we all have these "meltdowns" from time-to-time, and I am here to tell you IT IS OKAY.  Whether you are a man or woman, adult or is okay to hit the wall, bawl your eyes out, and seek out a hug like a heat-seeking missile.  I am a huge believer that a good cry every now and again is a wonderful stress reliever.  Clearly....clearly, my stress had/has been building up, and yesterday it took the most obscure (and untimely) of events to send the waves crashing over the light of the news of the day...lets just say the storm surge busted my levee.  Yeah...lets say that.


So what is the lesson in all of this?  Give yourself a break.  It is okay to hit the wall, find a corner, and give yourself a time out.  Really.  I needed to give myself one yesterday...unfortunately, I realized that slightly too late. :)

Also, don't let others demean you because you have a good cry, or even a "meltdown"...we are human.  Very stressed out humans.  It is okay.  Really. 

Love is patient.  Love is kind. 

Be patient with yourself.  Be kind to yourself.

You will be glad you will everyone around you...;)  :)))

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Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)