Love One Another

When I extend love, it always makes me why then do I ever NOT show love?  Because I am human, fallible, and short sighted....and in the war between the devil and the angel on my shoulders...sometimes the devil wins. :(

We are called to love.  It doesn't matter your religious or spiritual the core of most every religion I have ever studied (intensely or passively) is love.  LOVE.

Sunday morning before church, Jon and I were watching a show on Honey Badgers on National Geographic (I think.), and yes they are very cute. :)  That said, they sometimes kill each other to show dominance.  The mother of a baby made him a burrow in the ground and went off in search of food, and while she was gone a male came and mauled the baby.  When the mother came back, she quickly grabbed the baby to take him to safety (even though he was clearly dying) carrying it in her mouth.  Now, I am watching this in shock and horror while Jon very calmly explains to me why this is happening and describing, in great detail, how another animal that does this same thing. (Sidebar...the boy is 12 and so beyond me...he blows my mind).

So, I'm wondering this morning...are we no better than wild animals mauling (verbally) each other??

This post...full digression. :)

I don't know about anyone else, but I am going to focus on extending a little love today. :)))

**If you see me today...I will be the crazy lady giving out free hugs, and yes...yes I am thinking of holding up a sign. :)))

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)