Life Unexpected

Anybody out there remember that film titled "Life Interrupted"?  I remember the title, yet I have no recollection of the film at all.  No need.  The title makes you think...right? 

My life right now is made up of hundreds of unexpected, people, opportunities, dreams, worries, prayers, loves, old pain, new pain, great joy...and that was just this past weekend.  :)

I digress. :)))

The point is that life is rarely made up of the expected.  Life, in all of its wonders, is made up of the unexpected.  Right?  Right.

At church we have had some wild discussions about predestination...whether we are or aren't...the discussions are nothing short of fascinating.  Whatever you believe, and that is not for me to judge, it is a wonder that so much of our lives is about controlling our lives.  We work to control our schedules, our careers, our families, our kids, our parents, our churches, our schools...and on and on.  We like control.  We are human.

I wonder, and this is from a certified Type A/OCD, if my life would somehow be less stressful if I would just learn how to better ride the waves.  I re-watched Parenthood (the movie) last week, and the last scene spoke to me (sadly) as the grandmother described how she loved roller coasters and how some just liked the merry-go-rounds.  Hmmmm....

I want the roller coaster (though don't get me wrong...who doesn't like the merry-go-round from time-to-time), but I have to learn to accept that with the roller coaster comes the unexpected...and oh my, things I cannot control...*Ouch*.

I'm learning.  I promise.  I am learning to ride the waves of the unexpected.  I am not a pro...yet ;)....but I am learning to accept better the things I cannot control...and the things that I can. the unexpected (see how I threw in a little positive reinforcement/personal cheerleading for myself :)).  Just another sign this girl is growing up.  I guess it is about time. :)

When something unexpected (good or bad) happens to you this week...try sitting back and riding the wave instead of trying to control it, fret over it, or analyze it.  Just be.  Be. (and breathe...).

Let me know how it works out for you. 

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)