Be Honest...With Yourself

Sometimes the hardest person to "speak truth" to is yourself.  Isn't that funny?!

So often the right answers are right in front of us yet we remain oblivious to them. Why is that?! 



...a giant desire for what we want over what is best for us...what is intended for us.

I saw some pictures yesterday that made me face something I already knew...something I had always known.  I didn't laugh or cry.  I just smiled...knowingly.  What a blessing. 

What are you not acknowledging in your own life?  What are you oblivious to...intentionally or unintentionally?  Bite the bullet.  Face your fear.  You might be surprised at your reaction.

"Be of good courage..."

Sometimes the hardest person to "speak truth" to is yourself...Smile, you don't bite. :)))

...this is for me and Sam...:)))

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)