The Stray Hair

I have this hair that has been showing up on my chin; it is driving me crazy. :)

It is shows up at different times, seems to grow an inch overnight (or so I hope because otherwise I think satellites floating above the Earth could pick it up), is jet black, and sharp as a needle. 

It shows up so often now that I have developed this nervous tick and appear to be rubbing my chin on a regular basis just to see if the thing has popped up yet.  I carry tweezers now in my purse.  Really?!?


In feeling for it this morning, it hit me...I am wasting a lot of time worrying about this stray hair.  I mean there are hundreds of thousands of hair all over my body, not to mention the top of my head, and here I am rubbing my chin multiple times a day (I really hope I am exaggerating here) trying to "catch" one single hair.


So I started thinking...

There are things in each of our lives that drive us absolutely batty, but that we can do ABSOLUTELY nothing about until IT happens.  So why do we fret and worry all the time about them?!?  What a gigantic time waster!!!

These are small and large things.  They are at home and work.  They are involving friends and foes.  They are not the BIG things.  They are a bunch of little things that distract us from the bigger picture.

Here is a helpful hint...if it takes a pair of tweezers to search for them...meaning you are getting lost, not to mention are obsessing a wee bit too much. :)))


I am committed to work on not obsessing over this stupid stray hair.  It is a HAIR!!! 

What are the stray hairs in your life?  We all have them, and we all have more than one.  Recognizing that you have them is the first step. :)

So back to my actual stray hair....when you see me out and about, and I have a giant black hair sticking out of my chin, please kindly let me know so I can take care of it.  Then, congratulate me on missing it because that means I am not obsessing over it (at least in that moment). :))

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)