Leading People With Baggage

Well you are getting the first blush at the title of a book I am going to write someday.  One of my employees gave me the idea today, and I love it.  I love them.

We all have baggage...lots and lots of baggage (see former posts on this subject). :)

What I learned today in coaching an employee was that perceptions and baggage are a toxic combination...I am talking combustible.  I thought I was so wise explaining to them about the baggage of others when I realized that my perception has been (due to my unique task at hand) that only a certain segment of people had baggage I needed to focus on.  Oh boy...WRONG.  Their unique baggage, combined with another person/group of people's baggage, and misconceptions on both sides...okay, all the way around....WOW.  Combustible. :)))

That is when I started laughing.



Good grief.  Just when I believe I might, just might, be on to some true wisdom...I get slapped down so violently that I can only laugh.  I don't know jack.  Oh yeah God...I hear ya. :)))

I am laughing hours later just thinking back to this encounter.  I want everyone to know that as much as I might be teaching others...I am being taught a million times more by them.  Every. Day.

There are no easy tasks in this life, and the reason is that we tote our baggage around like a blankie and pacifier (envision Linus here).  ALL of us tote it.  Think of the wisest, most wonderfully balanced, and centered people you know personally, or know of....yep, even they have baggage, and they are always packing.

Recognizing baggage - just its existence is half the battle.  It is tough though, and it takes time.  I told some of my managers today "...it takes time and energy to do this, but it is worth it..." in the end.  I'm going to say it again, and anyone who reads my writing is probably growing bored with this statement, but I want to grow great people.  I want to strive to be a great person.  Growing great people, getting through their insecurities, training needs, education needs, family needs, quirks, etc....takes time.  Lots of time.  It is worth it.

This is not simply at work, think church...think of your relationships.  Oh my...there is another book. :)))

The first step in leading people with baggage is recognizing that you have your own.  Whoa!  Oh yes, you have so much of your very own, you have embroidered your initials on your luggage. :)  Being "real" with them, and showing them that it is possible to overcome it...priceless.

I am so glad that I had to step in and do a meeting that I was not supposed to do; it taught me another lesson in my journey. 

I love my people.  I absolutely ADORE them.  They slay me (and I mean that in only the best of ways).

Learn...look around and learn.  The lessons are all around us...all around you...Every. Day. :)

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)