The Good :) and Bad :( of Ego

Every single one of us has an ego.  Small, large, enormous, teeny-tiny...we all have one.

Sometimes, even with the best of intentions, our egos get the best of us.  If you have any kind of conscious, you then spend minutes, hours, maybe even days beating yourself up over it.



As you get older, oh joy, you recognize these "incidents of ego" almost instantaneously.  Sometimes you can catch yourself.  Sometimes you don't want to catch yourself.  ;)

It is important to remember that you are not alone in the fight between the good ego and the bad ego in your head.  It is also important to maintain a sense of humor.  No...really! :)))

Today, I got hacked off by an e-mail from a co-worker who was displaying their ego in full force (though trying to be subtle about it...those are the worst).  I should have picked up the phone, but I didn't.  I wanted to reply...the bad ego had taken over.  Luckily, I e-mailed something funny that poked fun at myself.  Unluckily, I didn't think to do that until after I had hit send on the first one.


I am trying to play the Glad Game with myself right now, and I am struggling. 

Why do we let the bad win out?   Why?  Why?  Why?

The answer...because we are human.  The reality, it is okay to have a moment of ego....just not okay to have a string of moments of ego. :)  It is also important to remember that we are all human, and humor can erase a lot of angst between people. 

The other lesson...pick up the phone.  The reality is that e-mail is deceptive.  It cannot reveal emotion or intent.  It is simply words on a screen that are left to your perception of the sender, your perception of their intent, and the day you are having at the time you open it. 

Breathe.  Pick up the Phone.  Dial the number.  Smile.  Speak quietly and calmly. 

It will be fine. :)

I'm glad because all is well that ends well.  My mini non-crisis was averted by quick humor (my next time - be quicker with it).  I am also glad because it is good to be humbled and remember you are learning.  We are all learning. :)

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)