Note to Self (Men) ~ About Women & Vice Versa

Here is a itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny note to self I would like to share with all of the men in my life, the men who would ever like to be in my life, and any employee that wants to work for me, any employer who wants me to work for them, any politician who wants my vote, any pastor who wants me sitting in the pew in the church where he preaches, any university who wants my tuition dollars or donations, any...anything....

Don't use vulgar slang to describe me or any of my gender, and when the idiot next to you does...don't waste your breath justifying or defending lost me when you had to think about it.

This isn't about politics, religion, or birth control ladies...this is about manners.  If we don't respect ourselves, nobody will.

What am I glad about?...I still have a voice, and I am getting less and less afraid to use it. ;)

...and guess what?!  Just because your truth and my truth are not the same, does not give me the right to call you names and vice versa.  Wait for just means we have different opinions...different truths.

Respect for each other and each other's opinion...last time I looked...Respect ~ not a four letter word.  Who knew?!

Join me in my daily meditation...I can make it through this election cycle. I can make it through this election cycle.  I can....:)

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)