Jordan ~ Life Changer

Eighteen years ago today my niece Jordan was born. 

In a nutshell, her birth changed my life.

Whatever anyone says or believes about my drivenness, Type A, OCDish behavior today....imagine it being worse. :)  It was.

Just a couple of grinning goobers. :)
I wasn't the only one changed by Jordan's birth.  My late step-father often commented about how her birth changed him, and I believe that to be true...I saw it with my own eyes.  His Maltese pups changed him more...just kidding Jordan...kind of...:) 

It was Jordan's birth that really began my deep pondering on angels in our lives.  I was often amazed by her affect on people.  She was such a happy child, bubbly, adorable, and loving...

Jordan came along at a time our family desperately needed a good shot in the arm of pure love, and for a little while, she and she alone was able to heal an abundance of past family wounds.  I am equally parts grateful and amazed by that...and her.

Jordan and Me, Kindergarten Graduation
She has also had her own personal challenges, and she has dealt with them head on and in such a ways that reminds me that she is my sister's child.  That dogged determination and perseverance has Hilde written all over it.  In fact, Jordan's ability to confront, deal with, and overcome is due to how her parent's raised her, and specifically how Hilde refused to coddle her.  In fact, my favorite example is when Jordan was in Kindergarten, she taught herself to read the name of the colors on the crayons so she wouldn't have to ask for help (Jordan is color blind).  Her teacher was were all of us.  I still believe that is just one reason that today she is an amazing artist.

I have no idea what Jordan's future holds, but I do know that it will be filled with family, love, great art, compassion, and a love of all things Jesus Christ.  She is a beautiful (stunning actually) girl inside and out.  She looks beautiful and fragile on the outside, but she has her mother's inner toughness and her father's playfulness.  Even at eighteen, she still likes to snuggle...with her family or pets...revealing that even as she has grown up before our very eyes, she still has the heart of a little girl.  Our little girl.

Happy Birthday Miss Jordan!

I owe you a huge part of my life and my heart.  I am so proud of you.  You are the very best of all of us, and a true individual in your own right.  The world will be better with you out in it, but always know you are never too far that we cannot find you. ;)

I love you.

Aunt Heather

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)