Finding The Perfect Pitch

I found myself in a discussion with someone I work with today, and suddenly they commented, "I'm sorry I upset you."


I had to hold back the chuckle...then I realized...

My pitch.

I was told once by a voice coach that I had perfect pitch; clearly, they were deaf.  :) 

I digress...(this one is for Jenn)

All kidding aside, I have been spending so much time with Uncle Odale (who has poor hearing) that I do find myself with an elevated voice so he can hear me.  Then there is relaying what others are saying (unclear and too soft) to him.  All of that plus less sleep than normal, I sound like a cross between Grizzly Adams and Mae West (not in a good way) ~ husky and loud.  Then it hit me like a brick that I have probably been yelling at everybody I have come in contact with over the past three weeks.

Good grief. :)

I quickly assured the person I was speaking with that I was not upset at all, and apologized for booming through the phone...trying desperately to pull it back (it was harder than you would think to do that on cue).

This got me to thinking....

How many of us, and how often do we, transfer our pitch between circumstances in our lives unknowingly?  Between relationships?


Our lives hum along with the occasional drama, stress, sadness, excitement, etc.  Our emotions (and pitch) change with the various emotions, but then someone speeds up the barrel (remember that at the fair or at Silver Dollar City) ride, the floor suddenly drops out and you are spinning so fast that you have forgotten the are simply trying to remember to breathe and not throw up.  Then the spinning stops, you slump to the floor (which has magically reappeared), and you try to find your sea legs and remember your name.  A few minutes later, you are humming along once again.  Wheee....(think pig in that stupid car commercial).  *Ugh*

I digress...(again)

The point (and yes I still have one :)) is that too often during the "ride" we confuse the emotions and we end up blasting someones eardrums during a simple phone call that included a simple question. *Sigh*

It makes me think we need to carry around a pitch pipe and test ourselves every once and awhile to make sure we are on the right one. 


I have a mentor that used to send me e-mails out of the blue every now and again that when I opened would simply say, "Breathe."  That is it.  I love him dearly to this day.  (Thank you D.R.)  It is nice when someone has your number with one word.  Very nice.  Those e-mails were my pitch pipe to make me stop, breathe, look around (hoping I had not created collateral damage :) I say with a nervous giggle), and start up again....slowly.

Finding your perfect pitch in this life is hard, and it doesn't always take another person (though that is nice).  It can be time blocked out on your calendar.  It can be an alarm on your phone.  It can be sticky notes...well, everywhere (Hilde) with verses on them.  The point is to find something that works especially for you that will remind you to stop and test your pitch.

I see this quality in the people I admire, women, Jesus...huh?  Yes, Jesus.  He was able to pause when things got insane around him, and he would just....go...somewhere else.  How beautiful is that?  Everybody needed him ALL the time.  He knew he needed recalibrate.  Wow and Whoa!

Make the necessary adjustments when needed.

Find your perfect all you do, and then find the perfect trigger to help you stay on situations, in life.  You'll be glad you did. :) :)

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)