Day 26 ~ Wesley

I love Wesley. 

He is quite best friend.

This afternoon, he drove me to the hospital to visit with Uncle Odale (the question is how sick am I that I cannot be trusted to drive? :))  Now that might seem simple enough, but it isn't...

While Wesley might have driven me over because he was concerned about me driving by myself (being under the weather), he revealed again one of the many things I love about him.

Wesley is wonderful with, adults, young, old, sick, crazy, whatever...he is great with people.  He has great instincts and an even better heart. 

I was a tearful mess today with Uncle Odale...wanting so much to break him out of there and take him home.  He wanted to go home too, and his spirits were anything but up.  To distract him, I started asking him to tell me stories....stories I have heard a thousand times (though I certainly learned things today I never had before).  When I would get weepy or at a loss for words, Wesley would jump in with a question engaging Uncle Odale on another round of stories.  It was wonderful.  I laughed and cried for hours with them (and lots of other visitors). 

They say stress reveals a person's true character. 


I love Wesley.  He is equal parts kind and tough as nails.  There are not a lot of people...much less can say that about. 

This picture was from our afternoon on the Buffalo yesterday...he looks tough (and he is), but don't let that fool you...just like an onion...there are a lot of layers there.  Uncle Odale isn't the only "corker" in my life.  God broke the mold with Wesley too....and one lifetime won't be enough to learn all there is to him...

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)