Day 29 ~ A Month of Love

I have thoroughly loved writing about things I love this month.  What a gift it has been in a month that completely did not go as I had planned.  Do they ever? :)

This month has been a reminder of not only things I love, but that God is in control...and I, unfortunately, am not...BUT I am learning to love his control over mine. 

Honest. :) ;)

Our lives will never be as we planned.  Our lives will never be able to be scripted...I believe reality television has proven that...*Ugh*.  All we can do is hang on for the ride, give it up to God, love like our hearts are on fire, and live...LIVE. 

I am a blessed girl.  There are moments (okay days) that I forget that, but then God smacks me upside the head and reminds me of all I have, and I am humbled.  This past month has humbled me...on many levels, and in all areas of my life.  I spent a great deal of time on my knees in prayer for others, for myself, for a world gone...well, batty..*Sigh*.

This post would not be complete without a HUGE thank you to those that read this crazy blog and take the time to give me feedback on it.  I love the posts on my FB, the private messages, texts, etc.  It is wonderful, thoughtful, and I remain grateful that what started as a completely selfish act to keep me sane, has become, over time, something by which I am able to share and help that is batty. ;)

A dear friend of mine, the same one who taught me sixteen years ago about "taking a swim in lake you" called me several years ago from Oklahoma and told me to listen to a song they had just heard by Rascal Flatts Every Day, and I remember loving the song then...and loving it this past month as it came to mind again as the trials of this month hit me in waves, day after day. 

Every. Day.

God is good...Every. Day.

Thank you for coming along on the journey of this month of things I is to March...only God knows what it will blow my way...:)

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)