Day 27 ~ The Stoops

I love the Stoops family.

What a generous, giving, loving family.  Over the past two weeks, they have prayed, brought goodies, texted, called, visited, brought Uncle Odale and all of those staying with him. 

Led by Miss Treva, this is a family to love...and admire.  They say the family that loves, fights, prays, and eats together stays together....well, that would be them.  They fight and love fiercely, and by golly don't cross one of them because you will get the wrath of all of them.  It is beautiful.  Truly.

Over the years, Treva has become a wonderful (adopted) big sister to me, and hers is the house I go to when I need to let my hair down, have a cup of coffee or iced tea, and simply debrief.  She cannot be shocked by anything I might say, and her house is one of my dearest "safe zones".  I treasure her.

Tonight Treva brought goodies to the hospital, and it was great to see her laughing with Uncle Odale. 

She had him in stitches....laughter heals...she is a healer. :)

I love her, and I love her family.  Families come in many forms, but family is always beautiful. :)

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)