Day 22 ~ Walgreen's

I love Walgreen's

The truth of the matter is that Walgreen's makes my hectic life so, so much easier.  I love that I can pick-up or refill my prescriptions anywhere I am having to travel for work or play.  I love that there is a drive-thru to pick prescriptions up which makes for a quick pick-up at lunch or the end of the day. 

I realize that these days I do most of my shopping there...whether it is the very little grocery shopping I do, make-up, cards, toiletries, and dare I say...the occasional present.  Two of Wesley's favorite Christmas presents...came from Walgreen's. ;)

It really is the best overall place for me to shop.  Sure I can get yogurt in bulk at Wal*Mart, but I have to walk half a mile to find it.  I wear heels to work so running to Wal*Mart after I get off to shop is not my favorite thing to do.  It isn't even in my Top 100. :)

Nope.  I will take my Walgreen's.  Between work and the hospital today, a quick trip to Walgreen's scored me blush, creamer (must have item), toilet paper, Vitamin C, and more cough drops.  I am confident Uncle Odale has given me the flu (again), or I am working my way into his and Miss Rosemary's communal pneumonia.  Either way, I will be going through the drive-thru of a Walgreen's somewhere tomorrow to pick up a prescription (praying) because if I survive the first call after checking on Uncle Odale is to call my doctor. *Sigh*

I digress...

The point is that I love Walgreen's, and I am grateful to have them on (what seems like) every corner everywhere.  They are so handy.

If you have never been...check one out today...there is bound to be one near you. :)

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)