Day 2 ~ Mentoring

I love mentoring others, and I love to be mentored.  If you have had a bad day, week, or month...nothing can pick you up quite as fast as helping another person grow, or being helped by someone.  It is the missing piece of the puzzle for most of us.

Over the past few weeks, I have been mentored as much as I have mentored others.  I have a natural curiosity and desire to grow.  As one of my mentors told me just this week, " is a challenge to keep you motivated, and it helps keep me motivated."  I like that.  At first, I had a quizzical look on my face, but I get it, and I agree.  I do not like to be bored.  Sitting still and being patient are not strengths of mine, and neither are they traits I aspire to on a daily basis.  I like motion.  I like progress.  I like change.  I like a challenge.  I also like a day off to rest and rejuvenate. :)

I get a lot of praise from people because of the volume of mentoring that I do in my work, in my volunteer work, and in my private life.  Let me be clear though, mentoring is the single most selfish thing I do.  I am confident, without a doubt, that I get more out of it than the people I mentor.  Guaranteed.  It is a privilege to help others, and it is what keeps me going...on the good days and the bad ones.

I love mentoring.  I hope that if you have never mentored anyone, you will give it a try.  It might surprise you....just like it does me...Every. Day. :)

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)