Day 17 ~ Pinterest

I love Pinterest, and I am certainly not alone.  What did we all do before Pinterest?

Insomnia?...Pinterest.  Party to plan?...Pinterest.  Bored with all of your recipes?...Pinterest.  Need new photography ideas?...Pinterest.  Just bought a house and need decorating ideas?...Pinterest.

It is fast becoming a Pinterest world. :)

I do spend time wondering why it has become such a craze...for me as well.  I have a theory, but this post isn't about that...don't worry. :) 

The only thing I will note is that I love coming across boards of people I do not know, and I LOVE all of their pins.  It makes me think if we lived closer, we would be friends.  That sounds sad, but I don't mean it that is sincerely neat to see other's likes and passions...and seeing your own in them.  As the kid's say...very cool. :)

Right now I must go...I have pinning to do. ;)

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)