Day 16 ~ My Baby Sis

I love Hilde.  She is the best baby sis.  She is my only baby sis. 

I have spent a great deal of my life mothering her, but some of the best years of my life simply being her big sis.  It is a relationship created by birth, but forged by mutual trust, respect and love.

I was four years old when I got my own real live baby doll.  People wondered (out loud) if she would ever learn to walk because I would carry her around everywhere I went.  It was love at first sight...for me. :)

I once worried that I wasn't enough for her; that I had not done enough.  Now I worry more about having enough time with her.  It is more of a universal worry that I carry about those I love most.  I know from watching what all of my great uncles and aunts have gone through in losing brothers and sisters...that there is something particularly painful and poignant in losing a sibling. 

I digress...*Sigh*

Today, just like any other day out of the blue, I get a text that has "Hilde Urgent" written all over it.  There is a rapid phone conversation only to be followed by a voice mail from her an hour later.  I had a two and a half hour drive ahead of me after work so I call her back...again.  That long call is typical sisters, at least these two, and priceless.  Hilde has more tenacity in her pinkie finger than most grown men have in their whole bodies.  Nothing thrills me more than getting asked to jump on her latest roller coaster ride (even if only via a phone call); it is bound to be an adventure.  She slays me as I move between laughter and Woo Hooing her.  What a girl. :)

I love my baby sis.  She was the first person I really took care of, and then there were times over the years when she took care of me.  Today, we simply take care of each other.  We're not perfect; we are simply each other.  I can't imagine my life without her, and selfishly I hope she feels the same. 

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)