Day 15 ~ Making Things Happen

I love making things happen.  I am a doer.  I am a to do list writer, get things done, and check them off the list kind of person.  I love being able to help others...whether it is by listening, making decisions, connecting them to someone or something, encouraging them, etc.  I am a helper.  In fact, as long as I am doing, and/or helping...I am a very happy person.  This leads to why I need hermit time from time-to-time, but that is for another post of things I love. ;)

Today, I was reminded again why I love helping people.  Ironically I was reminded of it right after I took some verbal bullets from a belligerent, hustler; one of those people that just wants someone to yell at, not that their specifically mad at me. 

To digress, I am not a fighter (that is not to say I won't, but it is NOT my first choice, or second, third, etc.).  More than fighting, I really hate being yelled at which is why it is ironic that I am in a career that deals with customers.  I mean, where there are customers, there are unhappy customers. 

Sorry, the point is that in my role, I really see myself as defending either the customer or an employee when there are incidents with insane people yelling and losing their mind.  For some reason, I am really good at that, and today I figured out why while getting berated....

In some weird way, I am helping someone.  I mean, I am helping prevent someone else from taking it.  My boss is right...I do have martyr characteristics.  The fact of the matter is...that you'd have to in order to have taken on the career task I took on last year, and that I am still taking on every day. 

One thing I have realized through this role is that it has crystallized for me what are my distinct strengths, and my breathtaking (in their sheer badness) weaknesses.  This role is a test for me not just physically (by the hours) or mentally (and it staggering), but by the sheer emotion of dealing with so many people (internal and external) who are at different places emotionally in dealing with so much in their individual roles.

At the end of the day, my job is all about people (again internal and external).  I must always do the right thing by them, help make their lives/jobs easier, make things happen, and at times take the hit for them.  This job is a giant test case in people studies, and the biggest "case" stares back at me from the mirror every morning.

I love making things happen.  I'd love it more if I had Fantastic China to comfort me after a long day. :)

Seriously, I have never loved a group of people as much as I love the team of people I work with, but I have also never been pushed as much as they push on me (thank goodness for their honesty and bravery...and they say they have never coached...ha ha).  I hope...I pray really, that I always slay the dragons fast enough and appropriately enough for them.  It really is my job to take the bullet (like yesterday), but I am always assessing to make sure I am doing enough...making things happen fast enough for them.  Their jobs are so under appreciated, in general, by the public.  I need them to know they are Rock Stars even when the world (aka the media or simply an irate customer) tells them they are the devil (which, for the record, they are NOT).

Making things happen....well, this post didn't go as I intended, but they never do....*Sigh*...

What do you love?  What are your strengths and weaknesses, and are you working to build the strengths and minimize your weaknesses every day? might be time to ponder why not.  If we are not growing, we are dead...a 92 year old man taught me that. :)

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)