Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 14 ~ Perspective (aka YOUR View)

I love perspective.  I love perspective because more often than not (hurts me to admit) my "perspective" is all jacked up.  Yeah, I said it. :)

There is nothing I love more than being in a funk, and then WAM God shows you a different perspective, a new view...and your day is instantly better.  I have often thought that daily readings, bible studies, or even those daily Dilbert type calendars are hugely successful because everybody needs perspective as they face each new day.  Hmmmm....

I wonder....

So today as I hiked (again, I use this term loosely) out of the hollow on a snow covered mountain road, 800', and at one point on hands and knees....I wondered once again about my own sanity and dedication to my job.  Later after a great meeting with my team, I was dropped off at the top this afternoon and started my descent.  I saw this...

That, THAT is God's version of smacking me in the head to give me perspective.


I am no different than anyone else in this world.  I have problems, concerns, fears, worries, stress...but I also have faith in something bigger and better than myself.  I also have choices.  I can wallow in self-pity, complain, or grumble at myself when I slip and fall climbing up a mountain (that can be taken literally or figuratively...your choice).  I can also work to change my perspective, change my view, and turn my own frown upside down (as I so often tell the kids).

The best thing that happened to me yesterday was not being able to drive out of the hollow.  It forced a chain of events that led to the view above...a view that I haven't enjoyed in a long, long time because I have had my head down in the zone.  You cannot live in the zone whether due to work, or because you are hiding there so you don't have to deal with stuff.  Head up, chest out, soldier on...because when you face the world and your reality (scary as it is)....God gives you the view he wants for you in moments like the photo above....he is really, really good that way.

I love perspective...I love the fact that you are never too big for your britches to be taught something new (even if it is something old packaged in new wrapping).

P.S.  Happy Valentine's Day...I believe Valentine surprises are some of the best surprises...I had my fair share yesterday, and I am grateful for each of them.  I don't know what my romantic future may hold, but I know that I have been loved by one with all of his heart, and that alone might just be enough.

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :) 

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