Day 13 ~ Snow

I love snow!  I would prefer to be a kid who gets out of school for the day with nothing to do but play in the snow, make snow ice cream, build snowmen (if there is enough), drink hot chocolate, and make snow angels...BUT even as an adult, I still love snow.

Snow makes everything clean and beautiful (at least for a little while).  Even the scraggliest of trees become beautiful in their new white coats.

There is a lesson in that...

If you love music with a message, click this link for Kyle Matthews' Been Through The Water which is an absolutely beautiful song (and the video at this link cannot NOT make you smile).  The snow today reminded me of the song, which has been a favorite of mine since I tripped over Kyle Matthews' music when I lived in Nashville (in 2000..I think).  Plus, it helped that I read a wonderful, new post by Katie today. 

God is all around us...especially in nature.  I find that extremely comforting today....always.

I love snow.  I hope you received some today, and that you got to play a little in it. :)

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)