Tales from the Fridge of a Single Girl

What is it about a single girl's refrigerator?  It is either bare to the bone, or you have to go in with a haz-mat suit to clean it out.  There is never really an in-between.  *Ugh*

For instance, times I can remember my fridge being full...

Most of the time though, it remains barren.

I remember when I was very little, and I was staying at my Granny Dee's apartment for a few days.  It was one of the periods of time when she was single, and I remember this because she was complaining about how she hated wasting food....and shouldn't you be able to buy half a head of lettuce....yada, yada, yada.  The funny thing is that with all of the advances in technology, food production, the fact that there are a lot more single people out here living alone, yada, yada....still we single people are forced to waste a lot of food (on average).

(I also find it amusing that I remember that story.)

There is something sobering for a single girl and her refrigerator.  It never looks like the one at your parent's house growing up...full of a variety of different things to try, etc.  Leftovers from your favorite meals, etc.  It doesn't look like your sister's fridge (who has three kids and a husband) which looks similar to your parent's yet probably a little tidier because she is Type A cubed. :)  Sometimes I have wondered if I couldn't get by with one of those dorm refrigerators.  I mean that is really all the space I need.  More than that is a waste.  Now that I think about it, isn't it funny...even our refrigerators are taunting us that we don't have a full life somehow because it only contains a half gallon of milk (semi-spoiled), coffee, creamer, butter, and yogurt. :)

Well today I get to go in with a haz-mat suit to my fridge because I am pretty sure there is still stuff in there from Thanksgiving. I only know this because I have started operating out of one shelf which has all of the food I am 100% confident is still good. How sad is this? Also, considering I am allergic to penicillin, and I am pretty sure that I am growing some...this really is a dangerous adventure for me to undertake. :)

Is there a Glad Game in this?  Well, after today it will be clean, and my Type A personality will love that. :)  Also, it is good for a chuckle.  If you cannot laugh at the silly things about your life, than it really will begin to define you.  My silly, lonely refrigerator does not define me.  You might be able to lounge in its emptiness on the inside, but it also supports all of the pictures made by sweet Jon, Jordan, Sam, Leon, Kimberly...and magnets from all of my journeys around the globe.

There is a metaphor in this...I don't want to be late for church so I will let you dive into it yourself (and for yourself). :)

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)