Make the Plan ~ Work the Plan

I read an interesting Twitter post this morning that asked the question, "If you could fast-forward to the end of 2012, how will your life will be different?  What do you need to do to make it happen?"


A different twist to setting new year's resolutions.

Give me a minute...I need to make a list. :)

All kidding aside, I already have a list.  This is an exercise I have done since I was probably 9 years old.  That fact alone does not make me an expert.  In fact, it either makes me a failure OR a work-in-process.  I will take the latter description thank you very much.


A few year's ago, I even added titles, or themes you might say.  One was "The Year of the Body" (I might want to revisit that list) and "The Year I Lost and Found Myself".  It is quite amusing actually to go back and stream through them.  Yes, the onset of a Palm Pilot years ago allowed me to go "electronic" with these goals/lists.  Those were the first thing I transferred to my IPhone years ago (right after around 1700 contacts).  There are some things you should never "purge". :)

Since, in some ways, this blog is a way of "keeping me honest" as I continue my trek in determining how to reside in that place where my dreams and career collide...why not throw my goals into the mix?!  So, I am going to post updates on how I am doing in relation to my 2012 Goals (this should be interesting).

In case anyone reading this wants to join is my "approach" to developing annual "Goals" :
  1. Find somewhere very comfortable and quiet.
  2. Put on some "soothing/inspiring" music.
  3. Grab your laptop, journal, notepad (something you will keep with you in your purse/briefcase/etc.)
  4. Get a good cup of coffee, tea, wine, Caney Cave Spring Water (whatever will keep you "refreshed" as you do this exercise).
  5. Now start brainstorming.  Pretend no one but you will EVER see the list, and wonder out loud (in living color), if I could envision my perfect year...what would it look like?  what would I get done this year?  what would I experience this year?  what would I learn this year?  what would I change this year....regarding my life, my love, my career, my family, my church, my body, my days, etc.? (this is going to take a little while :) )
  6. Take a drink and a breath.
  7. Re-read everything you have put down.
  8. Now the real work begins...
  9. Break out the list into quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily goals. 
  10. After you have all of them broken out into bite size pieces (it is okay to laugh out loud here), give yourself a pep talk.  Envision yourself at the end of 2012 having completed everything on your list.  How do you feel?  How would you feel?  Remind yourself that you can do anything you put your mind to.  How do you know this?  You are still breathing aren't you?!?!?!

Finally, I would suggest sticking post-it notes on your computer at home, work, or both.  Put a note w/or w/out artwork on your bathroom mirror, your refrigerator, your car's rear view mirror, inside your wallet.  These are not to annoy, but notes of reminder and inspiration to you in the places you often need them OR will see them the most.  You don't forget your kids...why?  Mainly because they are always in front of you. :)  Just kidding...kind of. :)  The point is that with everything that comes at us each and every day, if you don't have reminders out there...even the important stuff sometimes gets...well, lost.

Look at these reminders and this list as simply one more tool in your wheelhouse.  Your road map for staying on track in the new year.  A look at the BIG PICTURE. 
Life happens.  Every. Day.  We all need a compass to keep us focused on the direction we are needing to go...we are wanting to go.  For me, having a plan and utilizing a plan, has always given me more confidence.  It supplies peace of mind so that when the "down time" or the unexpected happens...I can really experience the ride (highs and lows) fully.  The truth is that we need that...we need to revel in ALL of the moments of our lives, and you can't do that if you are frazzled and fretting over what you are NOT doing. 

Simply put, having a plan in place allows you to more fully experience your life.

Isn't that what we all really want?

Life...and life more abundantly.

Envision me with my arm raised high.

Make the plan.

Work the plan. 

I the end of will be glad you did. :)

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :) 

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