Cultivating Leaders ~ A Lesson In Courage

The toughest part of being a leader is coaching...actually it is coaching well.  A lot of people talk about coaching, but not everyone does it...or especially, does it well. 

To do it well, means to have and demonstrate courage.  Good coaching involves sitting down face-to-face with someone and sharing with them their WW (went wells) and NT (next times).  That is not always easy.  It is also not a skill you are born with, but one that is learned by doing.  Coaching must also be done consistently; it must be a part of your every day workplace (not withheld only for special occasions).

By hook or crook, I find myself not only doing a lot of coaching, but teaching coaching...internally and externally.  This says to me that we don't talk enough about coaching in our companies, and we are certainly not teaching it enough.  It also tells me that people are hungry to be better, do better, and to learn from their mistakes.

I cannot express enough how important I believe the above quote is...I see it used a lot in "relationships," but I would argue that it is even more relevant in the workplace.  The culture in our workplaces MUST change.  We must begin to be honest with people...the good and the bad.  We owe them the truth, and deep down they want the truth.  Whether they are employed there for a short time or a lifetime, they deserve to be coached on their skills and behaviors that they excel at (so they can continue to excel and improve them), and those that hinder them.  We need a thriving and growing workforce.  Let me clear...growing means growing them as people. 

"There are no unimportant jobs, just people who feel unimportant doing their jobs." ~ Mark Sanborn
I am no different than any other person, I want to be successful and earn a living.  More than either of those, I pray that I leave a legacy in my path of helping others find, work, and achieve at their "highest self" level.  Anybody can manage workers, but I am trying to cultivate leaders.  Just as my mentors have worked hard (and are still working) to cultivate me.  If I can inspire people to not only see themselves as a leader (no matter their operational title), and to act as a leader (both inside and outside of the workplace)...well then, I will have done something that really matters in my tenure at this my work overall.

I challenge you to take a different look at your job.  Whether you have a "manager" type title, you need to perceive yourself as a LEADER.  You need to coach those who report to you, your peers, and those you work for...and let me say, if you are not in an environment where you feel comfortable doing have two choices.  One, you can be a trailblazer (not for the faint of heart) and work to change the culture at your company.  Two, you can go somewhere that does have that culture, or is working towards getting it.  Neither road is a cake walk, but at least you are working in an environment that is "real". 

How do we change the world??

I dare say...just like eating an elephant, we do it one bite at a time.  Every. Day.

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :) 

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