Happy New Year! Good-bye 2011/Hello 2012! :)

New Year's Eve 2011/New Year's Day 2012 in Australia...I dream of being there...someday, someday... :)

It is already 2012 in Australia when I write this. :)


Whatever do you have in store for me?  Whatever can I expect?  Whatever do I dare to dream?

Everything.  Absolutely everything.

I will not shirk from my responsibilities, my dreams, my aspirations. 

I will be brave, loving, kind.

I will not shirk from the hard stuff.

I will be bold.

I will not turn away from bullies; I will confront them head on.

I will expect much from others and from myself. 

I will give grace so that I may receive grace. 

I will read, grow, learn.

I will NOT pray for patience, but instead try to act with patience.

I will ask questions, but more than that...I will listen to the answers.

I will have faith, and I will work to increase my faith.

I will breathe...deep, soulful breaths. 

I will love...deeply, truly, madly.

I will live with passion and purpose.

I will smile even when I want to frown.

I will not simply be glad, but I will embrace the "glad" in every day.

When I am afraid, I will look at this picture...this girl was bold and unafraid.  Just look at that cheesy smile.  This is my true nature, my destiny...happy, healthy, whole.  She has the world by a string.  I love her. 

Me, Age 4

Don't be afraid.  Commit to not being afraid in 2012.  We were not meant to live in fear or by fear.  We were destined to live in love, to share love, to BE love.

2012...I am ready.  Picture me at 40 grasping the small hand of me at 4 and jumping, leaping actually...

Whee!! :)

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)