Thankfulness 4

Today I am thankful for those that recommended Dr. John Leslie as a new primary care physician for me in Harrison.  I am still not well so I walked into his office first thing this morning and his staff got me right in.  He pretty much nailed my personality dead to rights along with my illness...gotta love it.  Plus, when I went to shake his hand and say thank you, he says, "We hug around here."  Yup, perfect fit for me.  I am a very happy girl.

I am also thankful for a great team of people to work with...they are stretching and growing in their new roles and as people.  It is heartwarming and inspiring to watch, and they continue to teach me...Every.  Day.

I am thankful for this little girl who I barely know who yelled, "Heather!  Heather!" as Wesley and I walked into a restaurant tonight.  She got in trouble several times because she kept going under her family's table to get to me and hug me or stand by me over and over as we spoke with her parents.  I have absolutely NO idea what caused her reaction to me, and even Wesley said later, "What was all of that about?"  It was sweet and strange....and oddly enough another comfort for me after a grueling week and day.

Finally, I am thankful for long, passionate kisses in the parking lot saying good-bye.  The kind that make you feel warm and soft all over.  The only bad thing was the long drive home, but once there I melted into my bed and the most restful sleep I have had in months.

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)