Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thankfulness 3

I am thankful for technology that allowed me to take care of myself a bit today by taking a tiny swim in Lake You while also caring for my 85+ children without missing a beat. 

I am thankful for the ability and opportunity to write my thoughts and feelings when I no longer have the energy to form the words to speak what is troubling my spirit.

I am thankful for tiny victories that renew my belief in my passion and my purpose after a one two punch nearly took me out within the 24 hours prior. 

I am thankful for a God that whispers in my ear, "It is well..." when it feels anything but...and I am thankful for a lifetime of faith that tells (and proves to) me to listen to his voice and not the pain.

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :) 

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  1. Hi--Oh Truthful,Spirited One--How you have grown!!

    I am catching up on your website and want to join in with you on sharing what I am thankful for. I may not do it everyday as you do--but i will take the time to post comments when I can, k? I have so enjoyed getting to know you better through this special site.
    Today I am thankful for the thrill in my spirit when I actually see evidence of God's hand in my life. A new friend who has similar passions was at my work today and we shared as if we had known each other a long time. Fact is, he is a patient where I work, but I knew the minute he and his family entered our doors at work several months back that the Lord had something cooking. And what I am most grateful for is that I didn't try to figure out what was next or what God was going to do or what I should do--I just let it flow--and it didn't take me to make it happen. I have always been, until recently, one who felt I had to DO something to make the good happen. Now I can actually sit back and watch with Him as He makes it happen--not shirking what I know my God wants me to do, but relaxing in His fathfulness and His great care. Thanks, Heather, for letting me share what I am thankful for! Anxious to read your next posting, friend.