Thankfulness 29

Today I am selfishly thankful that I can say I am a published writer.  Lets not discuss the fact that it was unpaid or anything like that...the bigger point is that someone liked my writing enough to publish a piece of it in a real magazine.  I am thrilled, honored, humbled....and yes, I nearly peed all over myself when I saw it for myself (it really wasn't real until then).  I would love the opportunity to do it again and do more of it, but if I never have the opportunity again...I still can check that off of my life goal list.  I am thankful for the opportunity and the chance.  Very thankful.

I am also thankful for a dear friend/professional compadre who happened to be in my neck of the woods and went to lunch with me today.  I didn't really realize to what extent I had lost my "mojo" (so to speak) until I was knee deep in conversation over a couple of salmon salads discussing work, life, purpose and passion.  I left lunch, and her, rejuvenated and refocused that I have to use my voice and power...I cannot wait for the next generation to come along and do the hard work.  Time to stop passing the buck and buck up.  Yes, it was quite the salmon salad. :)

I am also thankful for amazing employees that I get to work with every day.  I was able to spend a lot of time with one of my teams today, and they never cease to amaze me with their desire, passion and curiosity.  I love it.  I love them.  I love watching them grow.  They are challenging themselves (though they think it is me....shhh...) and likewise they challenge and inspire me...Every. Day.

To wrap up what has been a day of rebirth for me....I am sincerely grateful and humbled to have a voice.  I do not have to simply accept what is offered to me.  I have the voice and the power and the CHOICE to demand better.  Negotiate better.  Expect better.  I don't have to stand idly by while someone is discriminated against.  Abused.  Disrespected.  I have a voice.

Told you I got my mojo back. ;)

I encourage you to let your voice be heard. are not going to win every battle.  That isn't the point.  Who is going to win the war?  The point is...are you going to be part of the solution or remain part of the problem.  Silence is agreement by default, but it is still agreement.

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)